Training for Performance

Exciting products can only take your business office so far. In order to create increased profitability there must be a constant focus on training, measuring, analyzing, and initiating new ideas and objectives to further your business.


The most important aspect to any products provider is the training initiative that is put in place to sell more products and make you more money.


CDS offers in-dealership training facilitated by the industry leader Wye Management. Choose from a comprehensive menu of over 30 seminars and workshops including:

  • Sales training
  • F&I training
  • Portfolio renewal training
  • Telephone and e-mail training
  • Sub-prime (special finance) training
  • Used vehicle management training
  • Sales management training
  • Workshops can be customized for the individual needs and goals of the dealership

Training Approach

The core of the Training for Performance program developed with Wye Management consists of 5 key performance indicators that have been proven effective: Culture, Transitions, Fundamentals, Marketing and Performance.

Go to Wye Management's Website to learn more.

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